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FAQ's regarding Gold Plating and Gold Plating Business Opportunities

Plating metal items perfectly form day 1 is extremely simple and requires not skill whatsoever – but does require discipline as you must follow the basic rules every time. As full instructions on how to do this are included in every kit as well as telephone and email support ,over 7000 clients worldwide since 2006 have consistently managed to produce amazing results

Until this year we have only encouraged clients to work on metal items due to the complicated processes involved in plating non- metals. That has now been eradicated by our Technical Director and plating non metals is just as simple as plating metals with our unique GS200 plating kits

This means that literally any material can be plated although soft materials such as cloth, leather, and other certain materials do remain difficult. However sea shells, plastics, wood, glass and many organic items are no longer a problem and perfect for creative business to create completely unique one-off products to order