Gold Plated Gifts Group UK Website Based Business

£2,000.00 £850.00



Here is the finest opportunity for anyone in the UK to start their own business Full or Part Time to build a lifetime business with this amazing support package included which includes:

  • GS200 electroplating/electroforming kit for plating any metal item you want in white and 24k gold, silver, rhodium, chrome, nickel, copper, Palladium, Zinc
  • Free Press Releases published and copied to local TV, Radio and Newspapers
  • Completely free and unlimited telephone and email support and training on building your business both in the UK and Worldwide
  • Weekly input from the Founder of Gold Solutions to help you build your business

Here you will find the most amazing business start-up package in the UK for under £3000 and provides you with the most ambitious range of benefits ever seen in the UK, from the worlds number 1 supplier of Gold Plating Business Opportunities, such as:

  • GS200 electroforming machine (most plating machines cannot be used for successful electroforming- this one gives smooth, easy, consistent results every time with no polishing required at all
  • Full instruction manual included emailed to you on dispatch
  • Live Custom designed County based Website with your business found on page 1 of google from week 1
  • Free Press Releases published and copied to local TV, Radio and Newspapers
  • Exclusive weekly input from the Founder of Gold Solutions to help you build your business

Plating Equipment

  • 1 Litre electroforming copper solution
  • Heating plate to maintain perfect electroforming temperature
  • 6 Copper rod anodes to surround item evenly in tank
  • Anode bags (to keep solution clean)
  • 1 Litre glass electroforming tank
  • Air agitation pump and hose (ensures smooth, even plate)
  • In-tank thermometer (to monitor temperature)
  • Special stand to hold item in place suspended in tank (fully height adjustable arm stand)
  • Stiff copper jigging wire
  • Crocodile clips for holding jigging wire in place on arm
  • Spray can of silver conductive paint (VERY easy to use- no need for spray gun!)
  • Spray can of non-metal treatment (for sealing porous items and organic materials prior to painting)
  • 1 Litre electrocleaning solution (for removing polishing compounds from polished item)
  • 100 ml 24k Gold solution
  • 100ml White Gold solution
  • 100ml Rhodium solution
  • 100ml Silver solution
  • 100ml Chrome solution
  • 100ml Nickel (copper needs to be plated with nickel before plating with gold, silver or other finishes, otherwise the top plate will migrate down into the copper over time – this nickel can be brush plated over your electroformed item using the machine and probes supplied. If the item you have electroformed is intended for use as jewellery, then you will need to purchase our Palladium plating solution for this purpose instead)
  • 250 ml nickel activator (allows you to plate over the nickel with a finish of your choice)
  • 250 ml Stainless Steel activator
  • Eye protectors
  • Box of latex gloves
  • Copper brightener (to maintain brightness levels of solution)
  • GS Compound polish (100 ml)
  • 3 GS Stainless steel probes (for use as anodes for electrocleaning and for brush plating over the copper with other plating solutions (such as nickel then gold for example)
  • Large bundle of swabbing (for use if brush plating with the steel probes)
  • Wire wool (for deoxidising the copper rods and jigging wire – takes just seconds)
  • Complete D.I.Y. press manual and how to price jobs
  • Complete Marketing Manual with advice on how to sell to the trade and direct to the public
  • FREE and UNLIMITED e-mail and telephone support (telephone support UK mainland only)


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