In-House 6 hour Gold Plating Training on How To plate metal and non-me



This remarkable training course will show you all the things you need to know to plate perfectly from day 1

Condensed into 6 hours crammed full of information and learning, your mind will be reeling but you will be in the perfect position to exploit the clear gap in the market place for gold plated products and services in your own area
– wherever you are.

The 6 hour training includes all of the following:
How to identify most metals at a glance
How to prepare any metal for plating
How to plate perfectly every time from day 1
How to prepare NON metals for electroplating (called electroforming)
How to create a conductive metal coating on non metals
How to elctroform Copper on to most non metals
How to price items for resale
How to set up your workstation
All areas of health and safety

Just consider, if you wanted to have something gold plated where could you go?, if you wanted to see a gold plated item outside of the normal (jewellery, maybe taps, maybe cutlery), where could you go? Most people when asked this in the UK do not know of ANYONE in their own area who can offer this.

If you are thinking of starting a business then this must be the most untapped, low-cost, low on skill requirement business opportunity there is today.

* This training course is only available to buyers of ANY of our GS200 plating packages 

And all this comes with totally free and unlimited telephone support (UK only) and email support (worldwide) from the best support team in the world for the last 12+ years worldwide.

WINNER OF THE 2015/2016/2017 UK Small Business Awards for Excellence in Customer Service and Value


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