Start-Up Gold Plating Kit



This Start-Up Gold Plating Kit is the perfect package for plating any metal to the highest quality standards with no skill required. Plating perfectly requires no skill and produces very high incomes which can be carried out in a small spare room, garage, office and is even mobile.


See an example of one the county based websites here

Contents are as follows:

Top of the range GS200 electroplating/electroforming kit for plating any metal with white, rose and 24k yellow gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, chrome, nickel, copper, Palladium, and Zinc

*This amazing machine also can be used for plating most non-metal materials (extra chemicals and sundry supplies required) 
Carry Case PLUS
150ml Gold solution PLUS
100ml Platinum solution PLUS
100ml Rhodium solution PLUS
100ml Silver solution PLUS
100ml Copper Strike PLUS
500ml Nickel solution PLUS
100ml Chrome solution PLUS
100ml Compound polish PLUS
100ml Finishing polish PLUS
500ml Chrome stripper PLUS
500ml Nickel activator PLUS
500ml Stainless Steel activator PLUS
500ml Electrocleaner PLUS
500ml Anodise Stripper PLUS
500ml Allycu solution (to make aluminium easy to plate in any finish) PLUS
3 x 1 litre tanks PLUS
Stainless steel large flat anode (for electrocleaner tank) PLUS
2 x flat nickel anodes (for nickel plating tank) PLUS
Copper wire for tank setup PLUS
Titanium wire for nickel tank setup PLUS
3 NEW DESIGN Insulated Stainless Steel brush plating probes PLUS
2 leads PLUS
2 Crocodile clips PLUS
Wire wool PLUS
Large bundle Swabbing PLUS
Latex Gloves PLUS
3 Chemical pots PLUS
3 Plastic trays PLUS
Eye protectors PLUS
6 Practice pieces PLUS
Detailed owners manual covering all aspects of electroplating PLUS detailed manual on developing a Gold plating business PLUS
Completely free and unlimited technical and business building lifetime support 



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