Ultimate Executive Business Opportunity Package

£4,000.00 £3,000.00



If you are looking to start a new business then buying this Unique gold plating business package provides you with everything you need to succeed. Gold Plating generates massive incomes with usually £90 profit from every £100 charged for gold plating services yet requires no skill making this a business for life which also requires no special premises or licences to operate.

  • Top of the range Electroforming and Electroplating kit for plating metal and non-metal items 
  • Professional ‘production-line’ set for all the plating processes
  • A live custom designed website with domain name of your choice complete with videos, images and products for sale
  • Another live custom designed County based website found on page 1 of Google within the first week (Based on your own County of residence)
  • The most amazing range of white, rose and 24k yellow gold, platinum, rhodium, silver, chrome, nickel, copper and palladium plating solutions worth in excess of £30,000 in customer charges – the highest ever from any supplier in the UK
  • Lifetime membership of The Gold Plating Guild
  • 30% discount on all future purchases for the first 5 years (excluding gold and platinum solutions which will be at 20% discount)
  • Exclusive 1 training day at our premises in Kent with our plating specialists to learn all the processes including hotel accommodation, breakfast and dinner hosted by the Founder of Gold Solutions
  • 2+ day At-Home training course from the Founder of Gold Solutions attending your home (mainland UK) and creating with you a high quality Plan of Action (POA) including his input for the first month of your business to deliver the POA agreed at that training
  • 3 Week plan to be generating in excess of £100 per hour by the end of the 3rd week with unlimited potential
  • A custom designed ongoing and completely FREE Social Media programme support package to allow you constantly develop your client base including several weekly marketing posts to 100′ of thousands of members of Facebook groups 
  • Continuous Email marketing campaign to local businesses promoting your products and services PLUS regular Press Releases created, published and copied to all local media addresses in the area (TV, Radio, Local Newspapers etc)
  • A custom designed Online presentation video placed on the homepage of your website and also on Youtube informing visitors who you are and what you offer
  • 5,000 Full Colour A5 leaflets 
  • Custom designed Stationery Pack with Business Cards, Letterheads and Compliments Slips
  • Designated Plating Specialist assigned to you for free daily telephone and online technical support (Mon-Fri) for as long as required
  • Completely free and unlimited telephone (5 days a week) and email support team (7 days a week)
  • Personal telephone and email support in the whole of the first month from the Founder of Gold Solutions

With over 12 years experience in this specific field Mr George has helped people all over the world and now can offer these specialised service to you


In addition to the above you will receive:

  • GS200 Electroforming machine
  • PLUS Instructions on how to BRUSH and TANK plate with these machines
  • Carry Case


  • 500 ml luxurious COBALT HARDENED 24k GOLD solution Worth UP TO £10000 in customer charges
  • 250 ml Platinum solution Worth up to £5000 in customer charges
  • 250 ml Rose Gold solution Worth up to £5000 in customer charges
  • 500 ml Rhodium solution Worth up to £5000 in customer charges
  • 500 ml Silver solution Worth up to £5000 in customer charges
  • 250 ml Chrome solution Worth up to £500 in customer charges
  • 500 ml Nickel solution Worth up to £1000 in customer charges
  • 5 litres Copper solution Worth up to £1000 in customer charges
  • 5 litres Chrome stripper
  • 5 litres Nickel activator
  • 5 litres Stainless steel activator
  • 5 litres Electroclean solution
  • 500 ml of Zinc-Eze for plating onto Aluminium (use in conjunction with the nickel plating solution supplied)
  • 250 ml GS high quality Finishing polish
  • 250 ml GS high quality Compound polish

Sundry Supplies

  • Buffing kit with 3 compound polishes
  • 2 Large bundles of swabbing
  • 6 chemical pots
  • 6 large chemical trays
  • 6 x 1 litre tanks for tank plating
  • Electroforming equipment
  • 10 Metal Anodes for tank plating
  • Eye protectors
  • 2 Boxes of latex gloves
  • 2 Rolls of CFR paper towel
  • 6 FANTASTIC NEW DESIGN and fully insulated GS probes which can now be used as precision plating pens (nibs supplied) for finer work (iphone buttons etc)
  • 150 Pen nibs (and information on how to buy new nibs for literally pence!)
  • 4 Sets Power leads
  • Wire wool for maintenance
  • NOW INCLUDES 20 practice pieces (Stainless Steel, Copper and Chrome)
  • Range of products for plating and selling with a retail value of £1000


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