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How Gold Plating Can Enhance and Improve Retail Businesses
At Electroforming and Electroplating Kits we are pleased to offer you a range of kits or that will simply enhance your business by introducing a new profit centre to what you already offer to your clients and customers.
Below are listed a small range of Retailers who may wish to increase their revenue by uniquely increasing their product range giving their customers upgraded versions of products they already sell – and setting themselves apart from competitors.
Bathroom Showrooms and Plumbers Merchants:
Customers are usually offered most bathroom fittings with a chrome finish with any variations limited to displays in a catalogue – which rarely has the same impact as seeing those products ‘live’.
With our Electroforming and Electroplating Kits it is quite simple to have on display 1 single tap plated with 24k gold, which can be done simply by someone in-house with no training required and would cost them around £8 to create (displayed next to its chrome ‘partner’ displayed at the cash point where the sales assistant can simply ask the customer if they would like their choice of taps finished in 24k Gold (or Nickel as another alternative). As with all showroom sales, customers usually decide themselves what they want based on what is on display.
New Car Showrooms:
When a customer buys a ‘new’ car they are usually buying it as it meets all their personal criteria as something they will cherish. This sale is also usually enhanced by the salesman offering upgrades to the customer – which they have not necessarily asked for and is a form of ‘up-selling’.This revenue centre can now be improved upon with the offer of 4 gold plated badges which  can be previously applied to a demonstrator car for the customer to see. As it only costs around £10 to gold plate 4 average car badges, which can be done simply by someone in the workshop with no training required, this will  add another profit centre to the dealerships business.
Golf Clubs and Shops:
Whilst the Golf Club Pro-Shop offers a full range of gold orientated products it is unlikely to offer a set of gold plated clubs unless perhaps they are based in Dubai. It would however be extremely viable to display in their shop a gold plated putter,, which can be done simply by someone in the stockroom with no training required whatsoever for around £15, and purchased by anyone wanting to purchase one as a special gift for their partner or even as a tournament prize.They can even offer a gold plating service to any members who wanted their own club/s gold plated.
In the UK there are millions of small jewellery items – rings especially – that require re-plating quite frequently and none more than white gold rings. When this happens it is normally the local Jewellers that is the first point of call to get that service.Unfortunately however not all Jewellers have either the facility to do this or the contacts that can carry out that task for them. Whenever they can it usually means that it will take at least 7 days to get that done in which time the customer is without that piece of jewellery.Now with our low cost Jewellers Plating Kit this can be done simply by someone in the workshop/back room with no training required and completed in less than 5 minutes at a cost of around £3 for a single ring in 24k, Platinum, Rhodium or Silver. In addition to this the Jeweller can also provide a service where they can offer their customer the opportunity to change their plate to a different plate – rose gold, platinum, or 24k gold which has never been available before in most cases.
Antique Dealers:
The most common plating service requirement in the Antique business is the re-plating of worn silver items due to the need for constant polishing silver requires due to tarnishing. We can now offer Antique Dealers low cost Jewellers Re-Plating Kit to restore those pieces to their former glory with no skill requirement whatsoever.This service is also available for worn gold items due to wear and tear, however the problem is that often the carat of gold is unknown making it almost impossible to match with a new plate. They can now overcome this problem by matching the existing gold colour with a new gold solution providing a seamless renovation
Interior Designers:
Interior Designers create amazing unique designs for their clients but rarely include gold plating in their designs, with the selective use of our electroplating kits they can enhance their work bringing it to a new level.
Car Valeter’s and Car Detailing services:
Motor cars and motor bikes are perfect vehicles for Operators utilising our low cost gold plating kit. Virtually all of their clients are extremely conscious of the appearance of their vehicle so adding this facility to their services is a natural addition to their portfolio of services.It only costs around £10 to plate 4 badges on a car with 24k Gold and requires no skill whatsoever.
What can be plated – and with what finish:
This is a brief list of where our kits can introduce new profit centres to a wide range of retail businesses but for everyone listed there are probably another 5 unlisted.You need to ask yourself – or us – what can this do  for your business?
Here is just a small range of products that can been plated – but the full range is completely endless:
  • Jewellery Items
  • Bathroom Taps and Fittings
  • Cutlery
  • Boat/Yacht Accessories
  • Car badges/Accessories
  • Small Kitchen Appliances
  • Swords/Knifes/Guns
  • Medals/Trophies
  • Keys
  • Metal Frames
  • Pedal Bike frame and parts
  • Motorbike frames and parts
  • Personal items
  • Keepsakes and Memorabilia
  • Golf Club shafts
Here you will see examples of alternative finishes instead of 24k Gold:
  • Rose Gold
  • White Gold
  • Platinum
  • Rhodium
  • Silver
  • Chrome
  • Nickel
  • Copper
Start the first exciting steps to change your business by contacting us today and find out just what we can offer you to suit your budget and ambitions.
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